by Christopher McCabe

Not to draw swords, but the author of Custom Fit Freeway would like to kindly assert that letterhead design has traveled far and wide since the days of Johannes Gutenberg.

True, Herr Gutenberg knew his Helvetica from his Verdana Bold, and when the bishop needed a redo on the Book of Genesis, Johannes remained first on the holiness call sheet.

However, art and craft in the competitive world of letterhead design continues to evolve, as the author of Custom Fit Freeway saw once again upon finding his way to Shaun Usher’s splendid  The author was determined to return with a few letterhead bon bons for his loyal subscribers, and as they can see they are presented here today.

Mr. Usher informs us that letterheady is an adjective, describing the state of mind when one is “overcome by a strong emotion due to a letterhead design.”  Fair enough.

If, however, the piercing of a business envelope and the unfolding of  its communique leads to the discovery of the next Leonardo or Picasso of the stationery set, an unsteadiness may be induced, and accidental self-harm may follow.  At such moment we must gently put down our sharp-pronged letter openers, or risk a final edit to our lifeline, just this way of our thumb.

But life worth living is a life full of risk and a journey to the home of letterheady, as demonstrated by these fine examples, is one that we should all take, risk be dashed.

While planning such an itinerary, Custom Fit Freeway’s author wishes to make a friendly suggestion: Why not speak to a favorite travel agent about a complementary side trip to the Gutenberg Museum?

This impressive museum is set in lovely Mainz, Germany, a big-shouldered town of great history, awe inspiring wines, and sunny citizens—all on the River Rhine!

The museum in Mainz dedicated to Herr Gutenberg is 203 kilometers south of Dusseldorf's Benrath Palace. Via the A3, a BMW can easily gallop its length in 1 hour and 58 minutes, depending on pesky traffic.

Be sure to pause for a spa treatment, to castle hop, and devour a delectable Rhineland Sauerbraten along the way.

Until then, take a trip to and delight in nuanced color print and font size.  It is a trip that would make Johannes Gutenberg proud.

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