Man Walks (Dog) to Museum, V. 1 [Preface]

by Christopher McCabe

What is Man Walks (Dog) to Museum? A good question, with an easy answer. If I walk a mile (with or without my dog Chief; we are pictured, above) in a northerly direction from my Los Angeles home, I reach the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. LACMA and several other museums on Wilshire Boulevard front an area known as the city's Miracle Mile, though no miracles have been documented along this stretch that may or may not be a mile long. Still, faith persists in this part of town. People continue to stand on corners, watch cars drive by, and wait for buses.

When I get home, I sometimes write about what I have seen and heard and smelled, things that Chief does far better than me; he is the completist in all things that I am not. Sometimes what I write (which may or may not include Chief's point of view) I will post here at Man Walks (Dog/Without Dog) to Museum, beginning with this post, Man Walks (Dog) to Museum V.1 (Preface)

You may wonder if these museums allow Chief to visit their collections. Since he is not a service dog with an all access pass, he is not welcomed. Smuggling Chief underneath a long coat is not an option, either: he is an 80 pound Labrador, handsome, and black--a real eye catcher. He is more importantly a dog committed to honesty in all actions. Though he would agree to a request from me to enter a museum under false pretenses, he would be embarrassed to do so. I try to keep such things in mind when we are together.

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